What to Bring?

Being properly dressed and equipped for your next big fishing adventure will help insure a great outdoor experience for you and others in your party.

Recommended Equipment Outfitters

Having reliable angling equipment is especially important when you travel and expect to fish.  Every angler planning a week long fishing adventure should possess rods, reels and other gear that will endure the rigors of this kind of expedition.  Having a back-up rod, reel and waders can ensure your trip is not a disappointment due to equipment breakage or failure.   

Full Service Equipment Outfitters


Angling Literature

Angling literature is wide and varied in application.  Bob Sousa’s fly-fishing books are easy to read and understand as well as having great application to non-fly fishing situations.

Similarly,  the Boy Scout’s Fishing and Fly-Fishing merit badge booklets are both good basic references and inexpensive.  They are available online or at your local boy scout shop or boy scout council service center.