Travel Preparation

International Travel Requirements

In our world, disrupted by terrorism, travel regulations and security, airport protocols can change quickly, making your well planned fishing adventure into a disappointment.  Small, six to eight piece travel fishing rods can make your travel more predictable with fewer risks.

Airlines have outlined that the safe maximum size for carry-on luggage is a length plus width plus height sum of 45 inches, such as a 22-inch by 14-inch by 9-inch bag.  So that favorite 9-foot, 2 piece fly rod won’t be welcome in the cabin of the plane.  Even some 3- or 4-piece rods will be difficult to fit under your seat or in the overhead storage area.

That said, before you begin your trip, we recommend you do a quick check of current travel regulations.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

U.S. Customs & Border Protection/US Department of Homeland  Security


America West (now U.S. Air)

American Airlines

American Trans Air (ATA)

Continental Airlines

Delta Airlines

Frontier Airlines

Northwest Airlines (now Delta)

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines

U.S. Airways

Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air




Bahamas Air







Getting a current passport can be a significant bureaucratic process, so start early.  Besides going to the nearest U.S. Post Office, the following websites may provide you with several options.

Travel Tips and Suggestions

When traveling on an airplane, you are permitted to bring much of your valuable fishing gear in your carry-on baggage, according the following information detailed on the TSA website under the headings “Traveling with Special Items” and at the bottom of the page “Tackle Equipment” – it says:

“Fishing equipment should be placed in your checked baggage.  Some tackle equipment can be considered sharp and dangerous.  Expensive reels or fragile tackle such as fly’s should be packed in your carry-on baggage.”-

It would be very wise to click on the following TSA link, print-out the web page and keep the print-out accessable within your carry-on baggage, should there be any issues with the TSA about getting your fishing gear through security and onto the airplane.

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